Typologie der Negation in den
obugrischen und samojedischen Sprachen (NOS)


Das Projektworkshop wurde am 19. und 20. März in Wien abgehalten.

Freitag, 19. März

9:30 – Michael Rießler – Archive und Korpora für bedrohte Sprachen

Thema des Impulsreferats sind technische und infrastrukturelle Voraussetzungen zur Zusammenarbeit von Dokumentationslinguistik, Korpuslinguistik und Computerlinguistik. Ich werde über Erfahrungen aus dem "Kola Saami Documentation Project" berichten aber vor allem technische und praktische Fragen zum Aufbau eines Archivs für bedrohte Sprachen und dessen mögliche korpuslinguistische Aufbereitung ansprechen.

9:50 – Andrei Shluinsky – Modern State and Modern Speakers of Enets: Recent Field Data


10:50 – Olga Kazakevich – Multimedia Annotated Text Corpora in Local Dialects of Northern Selkup

11:10 – Valentin Gusev – A Program Tool for Searching Text Corpora

11:30 – Boglárka Janurik – Some Methodological Problems in Studying Erzya-Russian Code-switching

If code-switching is studied from a grammatical point of view, the Matrix Language Frame model is usually used. However, in the case of more or less balanced Erzya-Russian bilinguals, the matrix language of the discourse cannot be unambigously identified. Moreover, borrowing and switching are overlapping categories, without clear-cut boundaries. In my presentation, I intend to pinpoint some characteristics of Erzya-Russian code-switching that show traits similar to mixed languages and might be evidence of the evolvement of a bilingual mixed code.


14:00 – Lotta Jalava – Language corpuses – availability and publishing online

My “Impulsreferat” focuses on issues in sharing language materials and annoted texts, especially concentrating on Nenets materials. As a beginning PhD student I have the same interests with NOS project and several other groups, students and scholars when it comes to language data: usage of existing corpuses as well as sharing processed and annotated data with other linguists.

14:20 – Florian Siegl – Grammaticography and Uralic languages – Lessons from the Past for the Future?

14:40 – Jeremy Bradley – Electronic Resources for Endangered Uralic Languages

This talk dealt with the accessability and usability of linguistic materials – primarily, but not exclusively, dictionaries – for endangered Uralic languages, focusing on the Mari language. An overview of the current situation was given, recent and planned endeavours were demonstrated.

Kaffee, freie Diskussion

Samstag, 20. März

Freie Diskussion bezüglich Perspektiven, Vernetzung und Kooperationen, Projektdemonstrationen