Typology of Negation in Ob-Ugric
and Samoyedic Languages (NOS)

General notes on the languages

Ob-Ugric languages

The two Ob‑Ugric langages Mansi (Vogul) and Khanty (Ostyak) represent together with Hungarian the Ugric branch of the Finno‑Ugric languages. Both are mainly spoken in the Khanty‑Mansi Autonomous Okrug in North‑Western Siberia, in the East of the Uralic Mountains.

For more information on the Ob‑Ugric languages Mansi and Khanty, please click on the name of the language. As soon as our annotated texts are ready, you will also find them on the respective pages.

Samoyedic languages

The Samoyedic languages represent together with the Finno‑Ugrian languages the Uralic language family and are spoken by about 30.000 people in North‑Eastern Europe and in North‑Western Siberia.

Please click on the name of a language to get more information on Northern Samoyedic languages (Nenets, Enets and Nganasan) or Southern Samoyedic languages Selkup and the already extinct Kamassian. The annotated texts of each language will be available there too.